Abu Umu Zayon – Charles Onwubuya

This is one of the best Igbo Liturgical songs you may ever hear in your life it was composed by one of the most creative Nigerian Composers of the 21st Century Charles Onwubuya
This is a decription of the song from the composer himself.

Abu Umu Zayon
_A Psalmody of the children of Zion_

A piece of exuberant praise singing with a boisterous rhythmic accompaniment. This piece exemplifies the intensity of prayer and praise sessions on mountains, crusade grounds or whatever venue where there’s a fellowship of vibrant and charismatic Christians, bourne out of the excitement of answered prayers or the anguish of long-lasting suffering or simply praising God in spirit and truth in communion with the Heavenly hosts.

This piece sort to bring us back home as Africans and particularly Nigerians by personalising or as the case may be nationalizing the subject- Zion as Nigeria in a bid to keep the light of prayer burning for our dear country in these perilous times.

Sing we all with a heart of love and the heavens will harken to us.

Onwubuya Ikechukwu Charles.

There you have it!!!
Now download the copies, download the audio voiced by St Albert’s Choir, UNIBEN, Benin, Nigeria.

Color your liturgy with such beautiful music.

Download the pdf – here

Download the Voiced Audio here

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