Huean Jesu by Atalakpa Henry (Key F)

O Jesu, ze’ hi bu mhenre ne gbe bia’ hu
mhe kha gbon gbon
Huean re gbe bia’ran non simne
khe ji mhan de o
bhe don mhen

Ebealen, Huean gbee’ lo
ghi bho khaen eghe rebhe
Rofure mhan, rhi’ yen len ni mhan,
Osenob’lua mhan so tiuwe


Huean Jesu
Huean Jesu
Huean Jesu
khe ji mhan de
O bhe’ don mhen
ona mhan bhi Ebealen


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3 thoughts on “Huean Jesu by Atalakpa Henry (Key F)

  1. I wrote it on a key of G and some words you put here are incorrect. And this is my recording of the song as well. Please always ask for copyright to upload.
    However, thanks for the post.

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