94 thoughts on “Kamsi Yo Chukwu by Jude Nnam (key Ab)

    1. There is no way you can download all his songs. Just request for the copies you want, by their titles. i will try my best to send them to you.

      1. I need Kamsiyo chukwu. Both audio and script…
        08039426316…if possible you can add me to the choral group page

      1. Helo sir, please can you help me and send typed copy of Kamsi yo chukwu,kosiso chukwu and Sorom too chukwu. God bless you sir as you help.

  1. lovely song… please i need the audio… have been trying to download it… the one on this site is different from one on youtube.. i need this one .. please

  2. Please I need both the song and Script also.
    And I would love to have this song also “Upon those who worry in Fear,the love of the Lord is Everlasting Yes…” .

  3. Pls adim in my opinion can you start a WhatsApp page where we can share both PDF sheets. Here is my number in view of that. 07037983129

  4. Please I need Kamsiyo chukwu both the audio and script…and please I need to be added to the group…..08039426316

  5. please dear, do help me and send kosiso chukwu,kamsi yo and Sorom too chukwu both scripts i.e surpha notes. thanks and God bless.

  6. I have been trying to download ojima and the rest but no hope.. Please add me to the group.. 09021499119

      1. I can’t see the link . please add me to the group and help me with the full audio of kamsiyo… Jon 08029328079 is my WhatsApp contact

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