Ruhumai Eucharisti – Obioha Ogbonna


This is a Hausa song Titled Ruhumai Eucharisti. It is a Eucharistic Anthem which means Eucharistic Spirit

Its Chords and Movement is derived from Modern Hausa Popular Music.

It was written while i was in the NYSC Orientation camp

It is dedicated to a friend who died during that time in which the Holy Eucharist gave me the strength to overcome the sadness which inspired the lyrics of the song.

It ends with a descant duet which crowns the song with a soulful beauty.

CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF COPY – Ruhu Mai Eucharisti – Obioha Ogbonna

This is also the 3rd song in My compilation album named “Ethnic Vibes”

Kindly Enjoy and teach your choirs at home.

Have a nice day.

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