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Deeper In Love by Jude Nnam (Key Ab)

Take Deeper in Love with you Jesus
Deeper in Love
Hold me Closer in Love with you Jesus
Closer in Love with you.

Lord there is a longing only you can fill
A raging tempest only you can still
My souls is thirsting for you my God
God quench my thirst
Lord feed my soul…

Yes from sunrise to sunrise I seek your face
From day to day I long for your touch
To hold my hand Lord lest I fall
To draw me nearer, closer to thee….

In your love is found great faithfulness
Your love is filled with hope and peace
Your love is filled with compassion and joy
O teach me Lord to love you back……..

In Love with Jesus

Savior Blessed Savior by H. Coward (key Ab)

  1. Savior, blessed Savior,
    Listen while we sing;
    Hearts and voices raising
    Praises to our King.
    All we have we offer,
    All we hope to be,
    Body, soul, and spirit,
    All we yield to Thee.

  2. Nearer, ever nearer,
    Christ, we draw to Thee,
    Deep in adoration
    Bending low the knee;
    Thou for our redemption
    Cam’st on earth to die;
    Thou, that we might follow,
    Hast gone up on high.
  3. Clearer still, and clearer,
    Dawns the light from heaven,
    In our sadness bringing
    News of sins forgiven;
    Life has lost its shadows;
    Pure the light within;
    Thou hast shed Thy radiance
    On a world of sin.
  4. Onward, ever onward,
    Journeying o’er the road
    Worn by saints before us,
    Journeying on to God!
    Leaving all behind us,
    May we hasten on,
    Backward never looking
    Till the prize is won.
  5. Bliss, all bliss excelling,
    When the ransomed soul,
    Earthly toils forgetting,
    Finds its promised goal;
    Where in joys unheard of
    Saints with angels sing,
    Never weary raising
    Praises to their King.

    All parts

    Tenor part

    Soprano Part

    Bass part

    Alto Part