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O.O.M (Order of Mass ) Vol. 1 by Obioha Ogbonna

I am pleased to announce that

The Order of Mass Vol. 1 (O.O.M) by Obioha Ogbonna has finally been released

To access the full Order of Mass Package which contains.
a. O.O.M Vol. 1 – Vocal Score with Tonic Solfa.pdf
b. O.O.M Vol. 1 – Full Score with Instrumentation.pdf
c. O.O.M Audio (Midi, Voice).rar

Follow the Google Drive link


Follow the Dropbox link

To access just O.O.M Vol. 1 – Vocal Score with Tonic Solfa

To access just O.O.M Vol. 1 – Full Score with Instrumentation

To access just O.O.M Audio (Midi, Voice)

For those that want to download the audios individually, here are the links

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The Book Art for the O.O.M Vol 1 By Obioha Ogbonna is Finally Out.

The Book Art for the Order of Mass by Obioha Ogbonna is finally out
Release date “*31st January, 2018*”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)About the Order of Mass Compilation by Obioha Ogbonna

Q1. Is it Soft Copy or Hard Copy or Both?
A1. It is *Soft Copy*, Links will be provided for download, if you want hard copy, kindly download and print.

Q2 How much?
A2 It is *Absolutely Free*

Q3. What is the Compilation Album about?
A3. The Order of Mass is a compilation album which includes songs composed for the Part of Mass in the Catholic church.

Q4 Why is there no Creed or Gloria?
A4 No particular reason, this is the first volume they might be included in other volumes.

Q5 Who is Obioha Ogbonna?
Obioha Victor Ogbonna a.k.a Leonatus is an African composer and graduate of Petroleum and Gas Engineering from the University of Lagos.
You can read more about him from

Q6. Is it staff or solfa ?
A6 There are 2 types of scores available,
1. Vocal Score with Tonic Solfa
2. Complete score with percussion

Some scores have 1,or both of the available types mentioned above.

Q7 When is the release Date
A7 31st of January, 2018

ANTICIPATE!!!!! – Countdown to release of O.O.M Vol. 1 Collection by Obioha Ogbonna


Less than 4 weeks to the release of the Order of Mass(O.O.M) Compilation by Obioha Ogbonna

Here is the song list

O.O.M I – Holy Holy Holy(Sanctus in English Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2015)

O.O.M II – Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus (Sanctus in Latin Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2015)

O.O.M III – Lord Have Mercy(Kyrie in English Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2016)

O.O.M IV – Agnus Dei (Agnus Dei in Latin Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2018)

O.O.M V – Nwaturu Nke Chukwu (Agnus Dei in Igbo Language) – Martins Asogwa, Obioha Ogbonna and Victus Eze (2018)

O.O.M VI – Kyrie(Kyrie in Latin Language)- Obioha Ogbonna(2017)

O.O.M VII – Mai Tsarki(Sanctus in Hausa Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2017)

O.O.M VIII – Mimo 3x(Sanctus in Yoruba Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2017)

O.O.M IX – Odo Aguntan(Agnus Dei in Yoruba Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2017)

O.O.M X – Orovwori Naruedon R’avware(Kyrie in Urhobo Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2017)

Bonus Scores

Oluwa Mee Ebere (Kyrie in Igbo and Yoruba Language)- Charles Onwubuya(2015)

Holy Holy Holy (Sanctus in English) – Ehimanre Asuelinmen(2015)

Lamb of God (Agnus Dei in English) – Charles Onwubuya(2016)

Agnus Dei (Agnus Dei in Latin) – Ehimanre Asuelinmen (2016)

O.O.M XIV – Sigapa Pagunugba Kai(Kyrie in Gade Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2017)