Deeper In Love by Jude Nnam (Key Ab)

Take Deeper in Love with you Jesus
Deeper in Love
Hold me Closer in Love with you Jesus
Closer in Love with you.

Lord there is a longing only you can fill
A raging tempest only you can still
My souls is thirsting for you my God
God quench my thirst
Lord feed my soul…

Yes from sunrise to sunrise I seek your face
From day to day I long for your touch
To hold my hand Lord lest I fall
To draw me nearer, closer to thee….

In your love is found great faithfulness
Your love is filled with hope and peace
Your love is filled with compassion and joy
O teach me Lord to love you back……..

In Love with Jesus
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232 thoughts on “Deeper In Love by Jude Nnam (Key Ab)

  1. Why didn’t you play the verse along with the “All Parts” audio instead you played it with the soprano and audio.

    1. God bless you sir..
      Please can you send me the audio of this song (take me deeper) I can’t download it from here.

  2. Thanks so much Jude for this hymn, Take me. I have bn searching for it for a long time now. pls just like the last comment said i want you to play the verse to just like the chorous. Thanks-


    1. Hello Chidi!!!

      I will play it and change it now.
      Note also that If you have songs you want to feature here, you can also suggest to me.

    2. Hello Chidi, I have just changed the Melody to depict your comment. Thanks and check back for more Hymns

      1. Hello Admin. I have been searching for this song. Please Please forward it to me. I need Jesus soo much! God bless you for the beautiful songs!

      1. Please, i need the solfa copy of the song chukwu nna, anyi abiawo inye gi ekene, beto tunga, ihe isike okariala, and any or both of entrance/dismissal son g in latin.
        My email address is
        i can also be reached via facebook @ michael ifeanyichukwu ijere, and on whatsapp via 08164414844 God bless you!..

      2. Please i need the solfa copies of the song ”chukwu nna anyi abiawo inye gi ekene”, beto tunga, take and sanctify, ”ihe isike okariarala and any or both of entrance/dismissal hymn in latin other than ecce sacerdos magnum

  3. If you wish to download any of the songs, just indicate interest and I will send it to you.

    1. Please can you send ‘Thanksgiving of amazing grace’ by Jude Nnam to me. I will really appreciate if you can. Thanks

  4. I slept with this song playing the only night Yesterday…….Am In Uganda but we do sing many of your songs including Abum achicha Ndi du in Nigerian language and our congregations do like it more. God bless you so much for whatever your doing.

    1. Thank you very much. Abum achicha di ndu is a great song. We have many of such songs here. Have you listened to Abinci alheri? Jesus aha na-ato m uto? May be you can send me songs written in your language too so we can learn it here.

      1. ok help me with you contact or email address so that i can share many of our songs in our language n English as well

        God bless u

    1. Hello Onwudi,

      Would you like to get the actual song or the songs in part? I can send any of them to you

  5. Thank you very much, was moved to tears listening to the song. good job you’re doing here. Wish I could get Kam si yo Chukwu by Jude Nnam.

  6. Bro Jude, you are doing wonderful work on catholic songs, your songs are inspiring and unique. Please i need the lyrics for abinci alheri. Am heading a small choir in an outreach. Thank you

  7. Bro Jude! Well done. I appreciate your wonderful work in God’s vineyard. Please i urgently need the lyrics for abinci alheri. Thanks

  8. Please I need the lyrics of olisa, am from akwa ibom state but I so Love the song
    U can send it through my Facebook page with name princess agnes elijah on Facebook. Thanks

  9. Please I need the lyrics of olisa, I so love the song, please send through my Facebook page with the name princess agnes elijah

    1. Hello Agnes, I tried sending you the lyrics through the email address you provided in this comment but it bounced back. You have to provide a real email address so I can confirm I am dealing with a human being and not a robot. I contact people through their email address not Facebook page.

  10. Pls I need the audio and lyrics of abinci,deeper in love,album achicha ndi du,Kam si yo Chukwu,jesus aha na ato m mu uto,olisa.

  11. Thank you,Mr Jude
    I got the file of deeper in love with Jesus,but I was not able to download it
    What do I need to do please

    1. I have just posted the Lyrics on this page. Check the Home page for it. “My people una hear”, is it “Come make we thank our God”? Which of the Ave Maria are you looking for?

  12. pls admin,in the name of inner peace,let me have the full version of this song….Deeper in love. my watsapp no. 07037361467.

  13. Please i need surrender your heart to Jesus. And oku na erere. Please, thank you and God bless you beyond imagination.

    1. Hello Assumpta, I only have Surrender your heart. Please if you come across Oku na erere, send it to me, I will publish.

    1. Hello,
      Do you have the copy of the Olisa? If yes, send it to me let me separate the parts. Meanwhile, I will upload the whole Audio and Lyrics to this page, check out the Home Page soon.

  14. Please admin I would seriously want the mp3 of this song and also for kamsiyochukwu.

    I can rest till I find the kamsiyo track. Help me

    1. I will send it to you as soon as I get it done. The one I have now was not recorded well, the sound quality is very poor.

  15. Bro Jude thank u so much for this song, and may God continue to bless and sustain u to do more in his vineyard. please I need the audio

  16. Hello please I want to download songs but it’s not possible. Please help me with d download of chinecherem, deeper in love and Jesus Aha n’atom uto. Please I beg u

  17. Please Mr Jude could you send me your Missa de Angelus In Solfa Notation so that we can learn in Cameron and use at Mass. Thanks very much. May God continue to bless your gifts. I remember when you used to play for Prof Obiora in Peace house.

    1. Hello sir,

      Unfortunately, this is not Jude. Thanks for your complements. I don’t have the collection of the Missa De Angelis.

  18. Pls am looking for an mp3 of the song “ave maria” don’t really know the title but it was sang in igbo language. The song began with ave Maria consecutively, can somebody help pls

  19. Pls I need chineke odogwu song script along with its solfa notation………n partly audios……..thank u

  20. Please i need kamsiyo chukwu. ….been searching for it all the days of my life. Thanks so much in anticipation

  21. Please I need the song deeper in love my whatsapp number is 08099279972. I want to teach my people here please

  22. Please can you send me the song deeper in love. I want to teach the people with me here. my number is 08099279972. thanks

  23. Please Admin I have been in dis site for long in search of songs like, My story, yahve emela,kamsiyochukwu, etc, pls sir can u send me their solfa note and link to download d songs

  24. Pls i need a copy of this Entrance song ‘Obi na-aso m’ &’Ka Anyi kpo isi ala.Thank youngster

    1. Sorry oo, I don’t have a copy of “Obi na-aso m oo”. I will send you “deeper in Love”

  25. God bless u Bro Jude for allowing God use u to edify the Church. Heaven will honour u now and hereafter.

  26. please sir, not to sound greedy but I need as many of your songs as I can get in mp3 format, please, catholic songs give me joy

  27. Hello..
    Beautiful work you have here..
    Immense thanks to God for great people like Sir Jude..
    I don’t know how possible it is for me to own a copy of these beautiful songs..
    You can please forward them to me on WhatsApp (+237 679989599), that is if I can hav them..
    Thanks, while looking forward to hearing from you, remain blessed in Christ Jesus

  28. Please how does one download audio tracks on your page?send to my whatsapp this and other songs, latin Hausa, Yoruba, I English and igbo hymns by Jude nnam

  29. I am blessed by this song, I even sing it in my subconscious state to show how powerful God is, pls kindly send me d audio song in all parts.

  30. Thank you for the great work in availing music to us who are training church choirs but are not able to compose. Am looking for the music piece of Receive our gift, In thanksgiving and love and when i see the blood. by Sr. Jude Namn

  31. Although, it’s too late but please admin can you also send me the song “Deeper in love”? on my mail?

  32. Please admin,please help me and send much of the catholic hymns available,this is my body,deeper in love,into your sanctuary,i believe that jesus died for me and much more. thank you very much,my email

  33. Also,thanks for carrying us along chorally,i can enter burning fire just to listen to catholic hymn.

  34. Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!! Please, I need the sofa notation of TAKE ME DEEPER IN LOVE WITH JESUS can someone help me with that please, here is my email: WhatsApp: +27 65 643 7368 Thank you and God bless you more as you do that Amen!!!!

      1. Hello dear Admin. Thank you for notifying me I have waited for long. Please still expecting the sofa notation of TAKE ME DEEPER IN LOVE WITH JESUS

  35. I love this song alot. Thank you Jude Nnam. Admin please can you send all songs by Jude to my mail. Thank you.

  36. Please admin I will appreciate it if you send this song and all other songs by Jude Nnam to my mail.

  37. pls admin i need deeper in love mp3 and tobenna by sir jude also in mp3,i want to teach my parish choir,thanks in advance.

  38. Hello Admin. You’re doing a great job here and God will bless you richly.

    Kindly send me audio and hard copy of Jude Nnam’s song ‘IHE ISI IKE’.

    My email address is
    Remain blessed.

  39. I soooo love this deeper in love song thank you for posting it.but is there a way I can get the alto solfa copy??
    I’ll be grateful

  40. pls admin i want surrender your heart to jesus.
    yes i believe.
    and into ur sanctuary.
    my WhatsApp number

  41. Please I need take me deeper in love so much.. Please sir send it to me.. This is my number.. 07018557446..Thank you

  42. Please admin help us with this issue everybody is interested in getting the audio of this song deeper in love please here is my number 07065204721 if you want Share it on WhatsApp

  43. The meaning of this song is deeper when reflecting upon it. Thanks for this song. I love it. Kindly send this song to my email address. I can’t download this song on this website. Thanks

  44. Wow… Just jump on this website some days ago… And it has been so helpful for me… Thank you so much the admin

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