Jesus aha na-ato m uto by Sam Ojukwu (Key F or G)

Refrain :
Jesus aha na-ato muto
Jesus aha na-ato muto
Jesus aha kachasi ebube, site n’ugwu rue na ndida
Jesus aha gi di uto
Jesus, Jesus
Jesus aha kachasi ebube, na-enye ndu (ndu ebighebi)

  • Ihunanya nke Jesus, Ihunanya
    nke Jesus, Ihunanya nke Jesus,
    eweghi mgbanwe obula, Ihunanya
    – Ihunanya – Ihunanya – Ihunanya,
    Ihunanya nke Jesus n’adigide O.
  • N’ime mkpagbu nile, n’ime
    ahuhu m n’ile, n’ime nsogbu m
    nile Jesus na-azoputa m. O bu
    Jesus, O bu Jesus, obu Jesus
    n’azoputa m o, nzoputa nke Jesus
    N’adigide O.
  • Jesus nwuru n’ihi m, Jesus
    nwuru n’ ihim, Jesus nwuru
    n’ihi m, n’elu obe, onyenwe m,
    Jesus wee nwuo n’ihi m, n’elu
    obe k’onuwuru na calvary.
Audio with instruments

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67 thoughts on “Jesus aha na-ato m uto by Sam Ojukwu (Key F or G)

    1. sent to the email provided but it bounces back. Please check your email and reply with the right address.

    1. Hello Charles,
      I dont have the original copy of the song but I can send you the copy I have.

  1. Hello admin!
    I would be extremely glad if you could send a copy of Jesus aha na ato m uto to me. Thanks in anticipation!

  2. Good day,
    I hope this meets you well?
    please i need a copy of this song, the solfa copy or staff music..
    whichever one is fine….
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    this is my mail address


  3. Admin thank you for this piece. Please I need the solfa note of Jesus aha n’ato m ụtọ (

  4. Good morning admin. Please how do I get the audio with instrument for Jesus aha na-ato m uto? The download is not functional. I have tried severally and it can’t download.

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