Keresimesi Ti De – Obioha Ogbonna and Banjo Adeboye

From the name, one can rightly deduce that its a Christmas song,It is Majorly a combination of Bata style of music with pleasant(Epic) Chord progressions and Afro beat with quick movement and jazz chords…. Kindly listen to the Instrumental Audio Below. Download the copies and color your Christmas carol with this awesome music.


If you would like to Understand the song and its lyrics – click here

IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a pdf solfa copy of the song  – click here

Below is the Instrumental Audio…. Enjoy… But don’t enjoy alone… Spread the Music



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20 thoughts on “Keresimesi Ti De – Obioha Ogbonna and Banjo Adeboye

  1. Please can you send me the mp3 of the entire song – chorus and verse. Want to use it for Christmas carol. Thanks

  2. Pls I need a help on the base line of the OSTINATO and the SOLO PART please. Pls help me to sing the above request biko

    1. If you go down, you will see that the midi file is there, Play it and you will learn how to sing it. Just follow the midi as it is playing.

  3. Pls sir, am so much concern about the correct pronunciation of the words , that’s the more reason am requesting for the voice record of the SOLO PART/the bass line of the OSTINATO pls

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